Print Issues

Print Issue Spring 2014

Connections: They are what link us. Physical, cultural, sometimes seen, sometimes only felt, whatever form they take, connections shape our lives. In the case of our cover story, a Hampstead couple with three teenagers wanted a home with a separate space for the kids. A second-floor catwalk was devised by architect Jean Gagnier. It is the only connection between the teens’ “wing” on...

Print Issue Winter 2013

And so the countdown begins: Four months of winter, 12 days of Christmas, 8 days of Hanukkah and an untold number of snowflakes. But instead of counting down the days to spring, this year we’re counting the ways we love winter. Ski hills, holiday parties, city festivals, ice skates, hot...

Print Issue Fall 2013

Well, the last of our ever-so-brief summer heat has given way to cooler days, that time of year when thoughts turn to getting things going. Fall is about reinventing, thinking about what could be different, better, in our lives. Fall is about possibility.

Digital Issue Summer 2013

No one knows how to celebrate summer more than Montrealers. Now Urban Expressions’ special summer digital issue celebrates Montreal with cocktails inspired by locally grown produce, picnics in the park, weekend getaways and outdoor adventures. Our city’s overflowing with food, fashion and leisure. Get yours right here.