Spring 2012

Enliven the taste buds

When it comes to baking, spring is a time to turn to flavours like citrus, berries and – of course – maple syrup, all in simple desserts that won’t keep you indoors too long, says expert Marcy Goldman.

Sam Roberts

Our confident yet unassuming rock star is firmly tied to his hometown, his old school friends and his childhood sweetheart.

Uncork a great party

Some tips to make sure your wine tasting doesn't tank: pick a theme, include food, share the work, and most of all, have fun!

That fresh mountain air

Saranac Lake's healthy climate and stunning backdrop have been luring people for over a century.

A cup above

No wonder DavidsTea is so addictive. The infusions are creative, aromatic and delicious, while the company is trendy, smart and responsible.

Savour the season at the table and online

Endless banquet bloggers Michelle Marek and A.J. Kinik delight in the foods and flavours that signal winter’s end, from maple syrup and snow crabs to wild leeks and fresh peas.

How his garden grows

Six years ago, ecology professor Christian Messier got rid of the grass in his yard and created a lush green haven that now blooms with 30 species of native plants.

Flowing with inspiration

Architect Martha Franco has always loved the canal and its surrounding streets and buildings, so it’s no surprise her designs in the area are winning awards.

Home sweet home

At first, the couple didn’t find much to like about the house, but they bought it, renovated it – and now they love it.